When everything goes wrong

This seemed a fitting title for this post especially after trying to get my podcast sorted out and uploaded to my blog.  I thought the process would be straight forward – figure out Garage Band, record the podcast, edit it, and upload it to my blog.  Well….this is probably where my learning curve took a sharp turn upward.

What I learned about Garage Band:

  • this very cool program contains  a lot of features to polish and enhance your podcast
  • you can choose a jingle from a variety of genres that can introduce or wrap up your podcast
  • you can add images, chapter names and edit the sound quality (my son had a hoot making my voice sound like a helium voice – this however didn’t help my stress level…)
  • before you upload to your blog, you have to share the Garage Band product with iTunes and eCast
  • eCast is at the U of A, not iTunes (though I was determined to find it there)

I apologize for podcasting at length, in fact all my thinking and learning about podcasting was in the podcast.  To make finding the links and resources easier, I’m going to upload the transcript of my podcast, with links to the sites I refer to in the podcast.

Here is a short list of print resources I used for learning about podcasting:


Adam, A. & Mowers, H. (2007). Listen up! School Library Journal, 53(12), p. 44.

Braun, L.W. (2007). Listen up! Podcasting for schools and libraries. Medford, New Jersey:  Information Inc.

Cochrane. T. (2005). Podcasting: The do-it yourself guide. Indianapolis, Indiana: Wiley Publishing Inc.

Kroski, E. (2008). Web 2.0 for librarians and information professionals. New York, NY: Neal-Schuman Publishers Inc.

Richardson, W. (2010). Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful web tools for classrooms. Thousand Oaks, CA:  Corwin Press.


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2 Responses to When everything goes wrong

  1. Katie Simmonds says:

    I thought i could just go from garage band to uploading too but nope not quite so easy. Thanks for sharing, it made me feel better about my little hiccups too

    • acrogers says:

      Hi Katie,
      Glad to learn that I wasn’t alone struggling with this. We all seemed to use something a little different for the podcasts so it was reassuring to hear what others experienced.

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